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The Queen...Is she really royalty?

The Queen is the most important bee in the hive. She is the mother to all the bees, workers & drones. She lays all the eggs and can lay up to 2000 per day if her workers have the cells ready for her and the hive needs new bees. New queens can be put in place by the bees in the hive or the beekeeper.

Raising a better queen


We are proud to be members of the IQI (Illinois Queen Initiative) and believe that local queens and genetics are the key to keeping strong colonies that are diease resistant, productive, overwinter well in our variable climate and most of all have a pleasant disposition


The Queen depends on her daughters, the worker bees, to take care of her every need. They are her caretakers, feeding and cleaning her, preparing cells for her to lay eggs in.  They can also decide to replace her through supersession.  

The BeeKeeper

Careful, regular inspection of the colony by the beekeeper is crucial to keeping the colony healthy and productive. They monitor brood, bee activity, honey & wax production, and even regularly locate the queen to make sure she is active & healthy.

If the beekeeper sees an issue within the hive, they may choose to re-queen.

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